Using Methods of Pressure Deep Fryer

The pressure deep fryer is mainly suitable for fried food ranging from Beijing Roasted Duck, Ganoderma Roasted Chicken to Sesame Popped Roasted Chicken, and many other types. The fried food is crispy and tender inside, the ribbon is delicious, and often comes out fragrant. It keeps the original nutrition of the food. The machine can pressure fry chicken, duck, meat and other foods. It is suitable for restaurants and individual households. 


Since the advent of pressure deep fryer, it has been well received by customers. The machine is made of stainless steel, and the countertop is designed as an oil pan structure, which avoids the disadvantages of oil outflow on the countertop. It has automatic temperature control, timing, and automatic pressure control, reassure insurance and other functions.


The operation of pressure deep fryer is also very simple. First put the accompanying oil tank in the oil draining place under the pot, close the oil draining valve under the pot, rinse the stains in the pot with clean refined warm water, clean it, drain the water, and close the oil draining valve. Drain the water from the fuel tank, put it back in the original place, add about 30kg of vegetable oil to the pot. Then press the power, set the temperature selector to 120 degrees, press the heating, the pot will start to warm. if the temperature reaches the setting, the temperature of the heating switch indicator light will go out automatically at this time. At this time, you can put the food in the pot, press the lid down, and put the two screws on the side of the pot into the screw holes respectively, and press down to prevent leakage. Gas. Secondly, remember to open the oil drain valve at the bottom of the pan after daily frying, pour the oil into the box, and allow the debris to naturally settle to the bottom of the box. Clean up the oil in the box and use it for the second time after disposing of the sediment.

Finally, it should be noted that before using the pressure deep fryer, check whether the ground wire is connected to ensure that the indoor ventilation is good and that a smoking pipe must be installed, and the installed smoking pipe should be led outdoors. The gas tank used in the chicken oven must be equipped with a domestic pressure reducing valve, and no gas should leak from each joint. And the surroundings are not allowed to contact the source for roasting, and the storage of dangerous goods is also prohibited to avoid an explosion. During the operation of pressure deep fryer, the operator is not allowed to stay away from the gas fried chicken furnace. If the combustion in the furnace is found to be extinguished, the ignition should be turned off immediately, the gas source valve should be closed, the cause should be eliminated, and the smell of the gas in the furnace should be exhausted before re-ignition.

That’s all for the using methods of pressure deep fryer. All in all, follow the guideline and all will be safe.







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