Principle of Food Warming Equipment

To serve food hot and fresh, various technology have been applied to creating a food warming equipment, and it has now been indispensable in homes, restaurants and even stores. The food warming equipment is a kind of strong perspective device, which can display food utensils in all directions, using high-efficiency electric heating pipes. The food warming equipment is surrounded by transparent thick glass, which is energy-saving and has a good display effect. The bottom of the cabinet can be used as a lightbox advertisement. The new-type electric light source is used to enable the food display. Here we introduce to you the working principle behind a promoted food warming equipment.


The heat-resistant tempered glass on the four sides of the heat-resistant display of food warming equipment has a strong perspective and can display food in all directions, which is both beautiful and durable. It has a moisturizing design that keeps food fresh and delicious for a long time. High-efficiency thermal insulation design can evenly heat food and save electricity.


The whole machine adopts infrared thermal insulation lamps to enhance the display effect, and at the same time, it plays a sterilizing role to maintain food hygiene. The stainless steel material it uses is also convenient for users to clean, keep the display cabinets brand new, and ensure the effectiveness of exhibits.

Food warming equipment uses an independent heating module technology for holding and heating food, which is characterized in that it provides an independent heating module, the bottom plate of which is connected to the housing, and the electrical enclosure, partition, fan enclosure, and electric heating tube are all fixed on the shell. At present, most commercial food insulation cabinets use air circulation heating systems. It uses a fan as the power of the hot air circulation. The hot air that passes through the fan impeller through the air return port, is heated in the electrical enclosure, and then is divided by the deflectors, blows down into the box from the air panels on both sides, and flows in through the air return ports. It is then heated again, and this cycle is repeated until the temperature inside the cabinet reaches a predetermined temperature. However, this method has shortcomings. Due to the use of hot air circulation, the food surface in the box is easy to dry, and the noise of the fan is large, and the temperature difference between various points in the box is also large, which affects the thermal insulation performance. The new technology of food warming equipment provides a method that can effectively overcome the above-mentioned defects, improve the system's thermal efficiency, the process is reasonable, the concept is clever, and the principle of naturally floating hot air is used to make the equipment manufactured by this technology more efficient and reach the set temperature in a short heating time. In addition, because it is an independent heating system, the installation, maintenance, and upgrade of the equipment are more convenient, which has great industrial promotion value.

Given these improvements in details, food warming equipment can work more efficiently and provide people with fresh and hot meals that are fragrant and savory.







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