Heated holding cabinet's function

As we all know, men are first enlightened by cooked food electrified by lightning, from then on have got used to cooked food. Entering modern times, we develop a new need--warm food which is more delicate and friendly to stomach. With the development of technology, this aim can be easily achieved. Heated holding cabinet is one of the ideal choice for keeping the food warm and heated.

According to the monitoring of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, cold foods will stimulate gastrointestinal spasm, which will lead to various enzyme-induced chemical reaction disorders, induce gastrointestinal diseases, and for women, cause menstrual disorders during women's menstruation. Due to repeated heating of food, the loss of nutrients produces nitrite, which not only causes acute food poisoning but also increases the risk of stomach cancer. To cope with this problem, scientists and engineers came up with a Heated holding cabinet, whose innovative active oxygen insulation technology makes you and your family healthy and safe every day.

Heated holding cabinet, truly environmentally friendly product, is made of the latest environmentally friendly materials without any pollution, and no pollutants are discharged. What’s more, the food is kept in the insulation cabinet at any time, which not only can avoid foreign objects and dust, but also prevent recontamination, and most importantly, keep the original taste food after insulation and lock nutrients. Nowadays, Heated holding cabinet has become very common due to its considerate function and is evolving each day. However, when people use heated holding cabinet, they rarely knows this little story.

Somewhere in the south, there was a happy family of three-Dad, Mom and Xiao Wu. Xiao Wu's father is a small business serving the people around him. Often it is just when the food is just in the mouth, and there will be some customers calling for help and are rushing for home. At such times, Xiao Wu's father will immediately drop the chopsticks, ride a motorcycle, and disappear into the night.

There were little Wu and mother and son left at the dinner table. The mother said to her, "We have no idea when it is time for your dad to return. The food is cold and eating cold food may cause stomach problem and every time the mother wanted to heat the food and at the same time feared that she would be scolded for taking trouble to do it, so at last the father chose to swallow it in a hurry. If only there is something to keep the food warm." These inadvertent words have been deeply remembered by young Wu. Twenty years later, Xiao Wu finally tried many times repeatedly to change the insulation mode of electricity use for decades and designed the first latest energy-saving, environmentally-friendly, and energy-saving technology product.

In 2008, the first electric insulation heated holding cabinet was launched in Fujian. In 2009, a high-tech heartwarming electric insulation heated holding cabinet began commercialized and is common in homes. In 2010, it won two patents in 2011, creating a new low-carbon revolution in the kitchen.






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