Development of Combi electric convection oven

It has been two years since we finished the first verified combi electric convection oven. Now we can tell everybody that our combi oven has passed various crucible testings. It faces to the market with a very popular designing and reliable quality.
electric convection oven
We can place the combi stainless steel oven to the market earlier as the customers' requirement. It already achieved the customers' requirement 1 year before. But as a manufacturer we have high requires. Such as the operating simplicity of the computer board, temperatures in different corners, heating speed, especially endurance test for the whole machine and heating parts, It need very long time to get the result.
With this stainless steel oven, customer can cook various food. Because you can use it to cook with the dry heat transferring, radiation, humidity heat transferring. Cooking time and temperature can be controlled automatically by computer. It can save 100 different programs, every program is an individual cooking method. So people always call it by the name of universal oven.
The brief introduction is as follows:
combi oven



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