Precautions of Using Frying Equipment

Frying equipment can be divided into electric fryer and gas fryer according to its performance. It can also be divided into the vertical electric fryer and desktop electric fryer according to its shape and can be divided into single-cylinder electric fryer, double-cylinder electric fryer and three-cylinder, electric fryer and multifunctional electric fryer according to its function.


Electric frying equipment and fryer cylinders are made of high-quality steel, which can fry chicken legs, chicken wings, squid, sausage, french fries, fish, chicken feet, steaks, hamburgers, skewers, chicken, stinky tofu, mushrooms, vegetable and so on. Its small size is suitable for processing and selling fried food in bars, disco bars, hotels, guesthouses, and other leisure and entertainment places, as well as markets, commercial streets, stations, schools, playgrounds, and other places that sell processed fried foods.


When using frying equipment, failures will inevitably occur. When encountering these circumstances, it should be ruled out according to specific phenomena. The following briefly introduces common problems and solutions. If the switch indicator is off, the power switch fuse is blown, you only need to replace the appropriate fuse and then fasten the power cord. If the red and green indicators are on at the same time, the electric heating pipe may be loose or the electric heating pipe may be burned. But if the green indicator light does not turn off and the oil temperature rise cannot be controlled, it means that the temperature controller has failed. At this time, the temperature controller needs to be replaced. If only the indicator light is off, the oil temperature control is normal, it means that the indicator light is burned out and the light undoubtedly needs replacing. The small electric fryer can be used as a commercial or household, and it is possible to make fried foods at home. In the process of using the product, you can also consult the manufacturer for help.

During use, you need to pay attention to a few points, for example, check whether the outer sheath of the power cord of the frying equipment is damaged, softened, or broken before use, and check whether the ground wire connection is intact. In addition, before turning on the power, you must inject salad oil or water into the frying equipment. Drying the heating tube is strictly prohibited. After turning on the power, turn on the switch, check whether the switch working indicator is operating normally and whether there is any abnormal phenomenon in the electric fryer. Make sure that there is no abnormal phenomenon before using it normally. Secondly, the ground around the electric fryer must be free of water, oil, and debris to avoid danger caused by the operator slipping.

Finally, after the operation is completed, first turn off the power, then thoroughly clean the electric fryer from the inside out, and then clean it for reuse. When cleaning the electric fryer, do not touch the control switch with water to avoid the danger of equipment leakage and short circuit caused by the water entering the frying equipment control switch.







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